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ON-Gard; On-Gard CALCIUM; Verdanta RM … Bio-Works carries out R&D, manufacturing and supply of agarose-based resins used to separate proteins and other biomolecules. In this large and well-established area, our products stand out as innovative and cutting edge with exceptional performance. Headquarters: Virdings allé 18 754 50 Uppsala, Sweden Phone: +46 8 5626 7430 At BioWorks, we believe a big part of the answer is to use science, to work with nature. BioWorks provides effective products that work with and use microbes to your advantage. Contact us now to find out how our products can be part of the solution to your environmental challenges.

Bioworks products

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We develop, produce and deliver innovative agarose based products to industry and research  Bio-Works was founded in 2006 and is involved in R&D, manufacturing and supply of innovative, leading edge products used to separate proteins and other  Gross profit · Total revenue · Cost of goods · Operating expenses (excl. COGS) · Operating income · Non-operating income, total · Pretax income · Equity in earnings. We believe that Bio-Works is now entering a new era as a launch of the product WorkBeads affimAb; and iii) activist-like investments by the  Soma Bioworks Immagine. Somafaco - Société Soma Foama™ 15 Product Information | Smooth-On, Inc. Immagine. Somafaco - Société  Bio-Works - Uppsala. Our business focus is on marketing and sales of products for the purification of peptides, proteins and other biomolecules in markets with  BIO-WORKS: STOCKHOLM (Nyhetsbyrån Direkt) Bio-works har fått en order promote and sell all its products in India to Academia, Hospitals & Clinics and  Uppsalaföretaet Bio-Works, som producerar separationsmedieprodukter baserade på agaros, har fått en order värd 1,05 miljoner kronor, uppger … Source. Bio-Works are increasing the product development efforts within Chromatography resins for bioprocess downstream and are looking to hire a new employee.

An organic biological fungicide with dual active ingredients to prevent a broad spectrum of root diseases and promote healthy root systems. We’re automating organism design. In biological engineering, living organisms are the factories that build new products.

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Disease Control. RootShield PLUS + WP; RootShield PLUS + Granules; RootShield WP; RootShield G; BotryStop; CEASE; MilStop SP; PERpose Plus; PlantShield HC; T22 HC; Insect Control.

Bioworks products

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Bioworks products

Providing solutions for developing circular economies with a reduced dependency on petroleum resources. Headquartered in Boston, Ginkgo Bioworks uses the most advanced technology on the planet—biology—to grow better products. Our cell programming platform enables the growth of biotechnology across diverse markets, from food to fragrance to pharmaceuticals. BioWorks 100 Rawson Rd., Ste. 205 Victor, NY 14564 1 (800) 877-9443 Strawberry Production 092117 ©2017 BioWorks, Inc. MilStop® | OMRI Listed MilStop (potassium bicarbonate) is a broad-spectrum foliar fungicide, which can prevent Botrytis, powdery mildew, and Bacillus subtilis Products; Mycorrhizal Fungi; Trichoderma Based; OMRI Listed Products; Plant-Based Products; Pollination. Attracting Beneficial Insects; Bees. Wax Moths; Small Hive Beetle; Potting Mixes; Seed Starting. Floating Row Covers; CowPots™ Seeds - Organic & Heirloom .

Bioworks products

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Bioworks products

Our process and products portfolio comprises traditional treatment technologies as well as innovative and highly efficient solutions, based on our field proven BIOWORKS® process including the OXIWORKS® aeration system. Ginkgo Bioworks is a privately held, high-growth, and well-funded biotechnology company based in Boston’s Seaport District. Our mission is to make biology easier to engineer. As a world leader in synthetic biology, we leverage our unparalleled data, automation, and scale capabilities in biological engineering to build custom organisms. BioWorks, Victor, New York.

Our products deliver results for our customers and our planet, helping to achieve: Sustainability goals.
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We plan on being here as long as you need us – building on our history with an ever-expanding line of effective biopesticides, biological control agents and plant nutrition products – with an even stronger focus on technical support, programs and service. PRODUCTS. Disease Control.

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Ginkgo Bioworks has raised a total of $350M in a single venture fund, The Ferment Fund.