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Once you're in, type a keyword in the box and click the Browse button. The thesaurus will identify your term as a subject heading or specify other subject headings that describe your keyword. PsycINFO Thesaurus Search this Guide Search. PSY 0035 Research Methods in Psychology - Oakland Campus. A guide to using PsycINFO, Google Scholar, and other psychology PsycINFO contains more than three million citations and summaries of journal articles, book chapters, books, and dissertations in the field of psychology. Watch the videos on this page for help getting started with searching, and see the bottom of the page for additional tips.

Thesaurus psycinfo

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Hälso- och vårdvetenskap Avhandlingar Böcker och bokkapitel Psykologi, socialpsykologi, sociologi Tidskriftsartiklar och tidskrifter. av H Holtne · 2020 — Sökningarna i CINAHL och PsycInfo genererade 10 artiklar vilka utifrån ämnesordlistor i form av CINAHL headings och Thesaurus som  PsycInfos ämnesordslista kallas Thesaurus of. Psychological Index Terms och innehåller mer än 8 400 ord. Ämnesorden är hierarkiskt. PsycINFO Info. PsycINFO (the Thesaurus linguae Graecae : a digital library of Greek literature Info.

The object is to simplify access – all related entries in the database can be located by using the right standardized term. The APA Thesaurus in PsycInfo contains more than 8,400 controlled terms, compared to 30,000 in MeSH (in PubMed) and 60,000 in Emtree (in Embase).

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With the wide variety of concepts and vocabulary used in the psychological literature, search and retrieval of records  28 Sep 2020 Using the Thesaurus with PsycINFO · Subject Specialist · We Suggest · More Guides & Help. PsycINFO provides access to international literature in psychology to the present are indexed using the Thesaurus of Psychological Index  PsycINFO har en ämnesordslista som heter APA Thesaurus of. Psychological Index Terms. Hjälp med att hitta lämpliga ämnesord och se hur  MeSH (Medical Subject Headings); I Cinahl heter ämnesordslistan CINAHL Headings; I PsycINFO heter ämnesordslistan Thesaurus  Av Linda Borg.

Thesaurus psycinfo


Thesaurus psycinfo

PsycARTICLES. View a video tutorial. Full-text articles from scholarly journals published  10 Feb 2021 PsycINFO is the premier database for articles and other resources in the In PsycINFO, the thesaurus of terms is maintained by the APA and is  11 Feb 2021 select publications from the American Psychological Association. PsycINFO also contains a thesaurus than allows for more specific searches. 30 Sep 2020 APA thesaurus terms for weight/overweight. 2, (overweight or weight or obese or obesity or bmi or body mass index).ti,ab,id. 38923.

Thesaurus psycinfo

Source: Historisk Tidskrift; 2017, Vol. 137 Issue 2, p228-259, 32p. av P Wennerholm · Citerat av 1 — erar vetenskaplig litteratur (PubMed, PsycInfo, Sociological Abstracts, Social Services. Abstracts), 2) åtta utvalda Söktermer, Thesaurus. Antal träffar. Sökningarna gjordes i databaserna PubMed och PsycInfo. Förutom sökningar MH = Term from the “Cinahl Headings” thesaurus. MM = Major  ASSIA: *).
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Thesaurus psycinfo

PsycINFO does not index randomized controlled trials at all, and thus its important to use other thesaurus terms and add free text words for searching 1. Identifying RCTs in PsycINFO 2. Search strategy, amended to ProQuest format This tutorial demonstrates how (and why) to use the thesaurus tool to find index terms or subject headings when searching PsycINFO on ProQuest. Thesaurus (PsycInfo) Sök tidskrifter JCR (Journal Citation Reports) Sök tidskrifter.

The Thesaurus tool is found on all platforms as part of APA PsycInfo® and redirects synonyms to the preferred “Use” term to include in your search. PsycINFO does not index randomized controlled trials at all, and thus its important to use other thesaurus terms and add free text words for searching 1. Identifying RCTs in PsycINFO 2.
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Referenser från ca 2500 Thesaurus: Svensk MeSH – eng, sve. Manual: Sökhjälp  PsycINFO har en ämnesordslista som heter APA Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms. Hjälp med att hitta lämpliga ämnesord och se hur de översätts kan  av S Lokman Khorshed · 2020 — gjordes i två databaser, CINAHL samt PsycInfo där tio artiklar identifierades och Thesaurus och sökordet Patient perceptions OR attitudes OR views OR  PsycINFO.

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The terms are  15 Mar 2021 All journals included in this database are indexed in PsycINFO. This example uses the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms to build a  17 Apr 2021 The PsycINFO thesaurus helps you improve your search terms. Sometimes the reason you can't find the right type of article is because you use  tained in Psychological Abstracts and the PsycINFO database. As the field of psychology has gown and evolved, five subsequent editions of Ule Thesaurus have  What is PsycINFO? Keyword Search; Thesaurus Search; Refine Results; Useful Tools; Cited References; Tests & Measures: Search; Tests & Measures: Browse  PsycINFO Thesarus. Using the thesaurus within PsycINFO will help you build a search strategy with official APA subject terms, which is a more precise and  19216 records Searching with thesaurus terms.